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Brief history of Living Word Church, Philadelphia

In 1941, Pastor Fred Poole left his native South Wales to Pastor a church in Canada. That church descended from the Welsh Revival in 1904. Then in 1947, He left Canada and became a Pastor in a church in East Landsdowne Pennsylvania. A few years later the church moved to Philadelphia under the name Philadelphia Gospel Temple. He ministered  there until he passed away in 1963. His son John Poole then became his successor. He then changed the name to Living Word Community.

At this time many churches in different denominations were experiencing a Charismatic outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This led to ties being established between many outside churches.

Living Word Community grew rapidly in late 1972 as a result of this Holy Spirit revival and many home meetings were set up based on geographic locations. The home meetings later branched into congregations in New Jersey, Delaware and Northeast Philadelphia.

John Hoehn pastured the church from 1975 to 1992.  After Pastor Hoehn, Pastor Don and Joan Hadley took over and modified the name to be Living Word Church. They both pastored the church up until 1996, after which they moved to Michigan to continue the work of the ministry and be close to their children and grand children.

In 1997, Pastor Pat and Claudia Andreoli from upstate New York started serving  in this body of Christ until September 4, 2011 after which they moved back to upstate New York.

Presently, the church is under the leadership of Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Oronti. They both joined the Living Word Church in August of 1995 when they came in from Nigeria, West Africa.

Living Word Church has stood the test of time in making herself available for souls to be won to Christ, meeting the physical needs of the populace through the Food Cupboard and doing the work of the Lord in general. It is the desire and goal of the present leadership team to continue without looking back until the day of the Lord. Amen.
Credit is to be given to Sister Claire Bender for the rendition above.

Pastor Babatunde Oronti.


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