Thu, Jul 19, 2018
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Fun Fridays


The term “Fun Fridays” is exactly what the name alludes to. Every Friday (unless announced otherwise) the children of the children’s church can come to the church at the designated time to relax, play, sing praises and just have fun after a long week of school. The church is their sanctuary, a place where they can feel safe. 

The program usually involves an opening prayer, worship and praise songs, the Word, dinner, an activity, and then PLAYTIME.

The goal of “ Fun Fridays” is to:
Bring the children in from the street and away from potential dangers.
To provide an outlet where they can talk about any personal issues with the leading of the counselors
Give them a place to meet Christian children and youths just like themselves. 

Hunt for talents and spiritual gifts among the youths.

They get a chance to practice singing, playing musical instruments and preaching the Word of God.

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